Western Financial Homes Fraud
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Western Financial Homes scam screenshot - 15-Jul-2009
Western Financial Homes scam screenshot - 15-Jul-2009
This fraudster bears no relation to any other company of a same or similar name and should not be confused. The above website graphics and the money laundering job below are intended to identify this fraudster alone.

This Western Financial Homes fraud is another Nigerian based scam that shares its roots with many others such as the Gencorp Consulting Group scam, Alpha Financial scam, the Sigma Motion scam, the Safe Way Worldwide scam, the Elite Finance Group fraud, and the Fortis Capital Trust scam. It is the direct follow on fraud to the Trinitron Trust Bank scam with the same template and identical home page content, in fact if you browse to this Intro page you'll see here where their 'Search & Replace' function has failed:

Western Financial Home Intro page

Clear and irrefutable evidence of a serial fraudster. (Here is their 
Trinitron Trust Bank previous fraud alias).
Needless to say, their location details are fake, they are not a registered company at companies house and they are not registered with the UK FSA, (Financial Services Authority). Absolutely irrefutable evidence of a fake company. They are using the free co.cc hosting service to host their unregistered sub-domain wfh-uk.

Western Financial Homes : Evidence of Criminal Fraud
i) Clear evidence from the above screenshot of their previous criminal alias  Trinitron Trust Bank.

On their 'About Us' page they claim "When you deal with Western Financial Homes, you deal with an SRO licensed company and for sure you know that you will get approved and fully qualified advice from our reputable company. We are licensed financial advisors based in The UK.". Firstly, the SRO is an Australian agency (State Revenue Office) not a UK agency

iii) Let's give the lie straight away to their claim to be a licensed and registered company . There is no such company as Western Financial Homes registered with the UK companies House or the UK Financial Standards Authority (FSA). Use the links provided to check for yourself. This guarantees that Western Financial Homes is a fake and fraudulent company without a shadow of a doubt.

iv) A Google search for "Western Financial Homes" shows absolutely no web presence whatsoever - save for fraud website listings..

v) Fake 'Contact Us' details from the website: (Notice the 'Nigerian' capitals)
Where We Are
  Head Office
     Western Financial Homes
     DY9 7DL

• - The address 54 STOURBRIDGE ROAD, LYE, STOURBRIDGE, WEST MIDLANDS DY9 7DL Googles as belonging to a company called "The Rosewood Collection" with no hits for these criminals - clear evidence of a fake address.

• - They do not appear to have any telephone contact information on their website despite them saying "You can contact us in a number of different ways. We also accept telephone, fax, post and email communications using our online form."

vi) Their website (http://www.wfh-uk.co.cc/) uses a free co.cc service that allows them to use the unregistered sub-domain wfh-uk for their fraud. Not exactly the sign of a reputable financial institution. This was last encountered with another Nigerian scammer - MMM Reselling which had all of its home page in Nigerian capitals....

The above evidence clearly demonstrates that the Western Financial Homes website is a fraudulent website set up with intent to deceive. If you are an abuse team that has received an abuse report regarding these fraudsters, please consider immediate termination of their services in view of the absolutely undeniable evidence of criminal fraud - please don't delay - these criminals will not respond to any communication from you, (all their whois data is usually false), but will simply take advantage of any attempt at communication as a delaying tactic to allow them time to carry on their criminal activity and prepare their next network.
Western Financial Homes Fraudsters - hosting details

Main Domains, Hosts and  Registrars


N/A - unregistered sub-domain wfh-uk

Host Network

Peer 1 Dedicated Hosting of Atlanta, Georgia

Host IP

DNS Lookup: wfh-uk.co.cc A record
Searching for wfh-uk.co.cc A record at k.root-servers.net []: Got referral to f5.nstld.com. (zone: cc.)
Searching for wfh-uk.co.cc A record at f5.nstld.com. []: Got referral to NS.co.cc. (zone: co.cc.)
Searching for wfh-uk.co.cc A record at NS.co.cc. []: Got referral to dns1.freehostia.com. (zone: wfh-uk.co.cc.)
Searching for wfh-uk.co.cc A record at dns1.freehostia.com. []: Reports wfh-uk.co.cc.
Domain Type Class TTL Answer
wfh-uk.co.cc. A IN 3600

Looking up at the 2 wfh-uk.co.cc. parent servers:

Server Response
dns2.freehostia.com []
dns1.freehostia.com []

The host of this criminal's website is Peer 1 Dedicated Hosting of Atlanta, Georgia on IP This host also hosted the criminal's previous alias, the Trinitron Trust Bank scam
Initial entry 15th. July 2009

***Latest News*** 5th. August 2009
News from Frank Bear - the domain wfh-uk.co.cc has been suspended - please notify me of any active domains for this criminal.