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Den Payments Inc. screenshot (11-Sep-2009)
Den Payments Inc. screenshot (11-Sep-2009)

This fraudster should not be confused with any legitimate company of the same or similar name - the above website graphics and theluded money laundering job clearly identify the fake website and these criminal fraudsters.

Den Payments Inc. This is just a standard scam website that has been set up to form a front for a money laundering job advertisement. It is the follow on fraud to the identical Silver Finance Inc. scam which itself was a follow-on to the Active Solutions Inc. scam which itself was a follow-on to the Silver Services Inc. scam which itself was a follow-on to the Diamond-Exchange Inc. scam and so on. The website domain has only been registered recently for a one year period, they are not registered as a company in their supposed country of location, their contact details are bogus and they have no web presence whatsoever. The payload of the site is the usual illegal money mule function of 'Transfer Manager' that will get your bank account closed, your assets frozen, lose you a lot of money and could cost you your liberty - don't be tempted. They have other recent/current aliases of Platinum Funds., Webeca Payments Inc., Neweca Payments Inc., Med Payments Inc., Westend Payments Inc., and Paymate Solutions Inc., in fact this scam is just the identical Paymate Solutions Inc. scam with a name change - this is clearly a serial fraudster, all currently running the identical scam on the same Ukrainian host IP address of

Den Payments Inc.  : Evidence of Criminal Fraud

i) The Den Payments Inc. website footer displays 2006 and their news page displays items involving them going back to 2004 but the criminal's domain was only registered with UK2 GROUP LTD./SELLOUT.NAME on 02-aug-2009 for the 'criminal's domain' minimum period of only one year. A clear indication of a fraudulent registration. It is hosted by the same Ukrainian host used for his previous aliases which betrays the crooks true origins. Why would supposedly a Fiinsh company use a Russian registrar, (SELLOUT.NAME), and a Ukrainian host?

ii) A Google search shows absolutely no internet presence at all for "Den Payments Inc." If they had indeed been in business since 2004 they would have a large presence. The fact that they have none is clear evidence of a fake company.

iii) They are advertising the following clear money mule job of "TRANSFER MANAGER" on their website.


Job Description:

The task of the Transfer Manager is collecting payments (to your bank or PayPal account) from customers in
timely manner, transferring them to our office in Sweden via Wire Transfers or MoneyGram, and to solve issues associated with these tasks.
If you don't have bank account, our manager will find nearest bank, and open a new checking account there.
All fees will be paid by our company.

Every payment order will be accompanied with detailed instructions. It is a part-time from home job.
We are offering to you a commission based position. You will get 8% of each processed payment immediately, right after you accomplish the task.

General requirements:
# Applicants must be of legal age;
# Good communications skills
# Any experience in customer service sphere is appreciated;
# Willingness to work from home, take responsibility and achieve higher goals;
# Experience in Internet usage;
# Honesty, responsibility and promptness in operations;
# Proficient in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word is a plus.

Salary:  $700-$1400 per week

This job will allow you to:
# work efficiently from home;
# increase available personal time;
# get financial independence for less time than it's usually required;
# develop high self-respect and esteem;

Working hours are flexible. You can choose to perform the work when it is convenient to you.
The general requirement is to spend 30-60 minutes a day for the work.
You will need to check your e-mail 3-5 times a day to see if there is any work for you.

This is the identical job as advertised by this crook's Silver Services Inc., Diamond-Exchange Inc., Active Solutions Inc., Platinum Funds Inc., Webeca Payments Inc., Neweca Payments Inc., Med Payments Inc., Westend Payments Inc. and Paymate Solutions aliases. They also seem to have confused Sweden with Finland as they talk about a Swedish office, but claim to be based in Finland and list no Swedish office details - see contact details below.
In other words, just your average ILLEGAL money laundering mule position of accepting STOLEN FUNDS into your bank account that will get your account and your assets frozen, lose you a lot of money and could earn you a criminal record. Clear evidence of criminal fraud.
iv) No legitimate company is going to advertise among the untrained, inexperienced and uncertified general population for a "Transfer Manager" acting as a criminal money transfer agent. It clearly defines Den Payments Inc. as a criminal fraud organisation.

v) Another alias, another set of fake Website Contact Details:

Our address:
Kantsie 4, Helsinki, Finland, 00221

Phone: +358 20 7717 391

Official bank requisites:
register code: FI417118

Jan Troell (President & CEO):

Private Customer Support:

Business Customer Support
Phone: 653 2112, e-mail:

• - The fake address of Kantsie 4, Helsinki is the same address, (give or take an 's') as they used for their identical Active Solutions Inc., Webeca Payments Inc., Silver Services Inc. and Westend Payments Inc. scams and the exact same one as used for their Paymate Solutions scam. It is not recognised by either Google or Google Maps as a genuine address - clear evidence of fraud.
• - A Wiki check on Finnish telephone numbers shows that the number +358 20 7717 391 is incorrectly formatted for an international number and has the wrong number of digits, (the example shown should be of the form +358 2 xxx xxx). It also has the incorrect area code for Helsinki. It is clearly fake.
• - Unsurprisingly, A Google check for the incorrect telephone number "+358 20 7717 391" returns no results.
• - The 'register' code FI417118 looks like the beginning of a Finnish IBAN number, but there are far too few digits, (it should be 18 digits long) register code is a meaningless term - it is clearly fake.
• - A SWIFT (BIC) website search for the identifier PSPBFIHE shows that it does not exist - it is fake - irrefutable evidence of fraud.
• - The fake president (Jan Troell) is the same as for the criminal's previous aliases listed above - clear evidence of fraud.

vi) A search of the Finnish BIS (Business Information System) shows that there is no such company as "Den Payments Inc." registered in Finland - check for yourself - it is undoubtedly a fake company, (the suffic "Inc." wouldn't be used in Finland anyway - typical suffixes would be OY or OYJ). - irrefutable evidence of fraud.

The above evidence clearly demonstrates beyond any doubt that the Den Payments Inc. website has been set up by money laundering criminal fraudsters purely for the purpose of spamvertising an illegal money laundering 'mule' job. If you are an abuse team that has received an abuse report regarding these fraudsters, please consider immediate termination of their services in view of the absolutely undeniable evidence of criminal fraud - please don't delay - these criminals will not respond to any communication from you, (all their whois data is false), but will simply take advantage of any attempt at communication as a delaying tactic to allow them time to carry on their criminal activity and prepare their next network.
Den Payments Inc. Fraudsters - hosting details

Main Domains, Registrars and Hosts  

Host Network

Grinvich3 - Vladimir Gubarenko
Host IP
Suspended or Inactive

Please notify me of any other current domains used by this criminal.
Domain Whois Data
Registrar:     UK2 GROUP LTD.
Status:        clientTransferProhibited
Dates:         Created 02-aug-2009   Updated 02-aug-2009  Expires 02-aug-2010

Registration Service Provided By: SELLOUT.NAME
Contact: +007.9066516665


    Isi Pandopalo        (
    Uudenmaankatu 4-6
    Tel. +358.097563

Creation Date: 02-Aug-2009 
Expiration Date: 02-Aug-2010

Domain servers in listed order:

Administrative Contact:
    Isi Pandopalo        (
    Uudenmaankatu 4-6
    Tel. +358.097563

Technical Contact:
    Isi Pandopalo        (
    Uudenmaankatu 4-6
    Tel. +358.097563

Billing Contact:
    Isi Pandopalo        (
    Uudenmaankatu 4-6
    Tel. +358.097563


DNS Lookup: A record
Searching for A record at []: Got referral to G.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. (zone: com.)
Searching for A record at G.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. []: Got referral to (zone:
Searching for A record at []: Reports

Looking up at the 4 parent servers:

ServerResponse [] [] [] []

This criminal's website is hosted by the Ukrainian host Grinvich3 - Vladimir Gubarenko on IP address which betrays the real location of these criminals. This is the same host and IP as the criminals previous Webeca Payments Inc. and the Neweca Payments Inc. aliases, confirming the link between them beyond any doubt. This IP is also host to the other identical frauds Westend Payments Inc.Paymate Solutions Inc., and Med Payments Inc. all running the identical scam. You do not get any clearer evidence of a serial Russian/Ukrainian fraudster than that. The IP is also home to the domain which has content on it apparently plagiarised from here. I don't know what it's purpose is, but it's the usual 1-year domain and there are no other known non-fraudulent domains on this IP.
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