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Please be aware that criminals attack this website & my reputation. I never accept money and I never send out spam, so please do not be fooled by any spam referring to my domain in any way whatsoever - it has not come from me but from criminal fraudsters. To learn more and to find out how to report all of these criminal fraudsters to their hosts and registrars yourself, check out my site and fight back! This Sophos blog & this Sophos press release refer to the criminal's last efforts as does this VNUNET article - no doubt there will be more attacks. Thanks to everyone for all the support I've received. Without the recent criminal attacks I would not have had the publicity, so I guess I owe them one too.

If you spot any errors or have any queries or information regarding any of the money laundering 'job' fraudsters that I describe on my website then please feel free to contact me via the form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your feedback - your interest is much appreciated.

If you have received a suspected money laundering 'job' spam, or an email from a fraudster, please copy and paste it into the webform below. (Please include message headers where possible).

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