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Co-Processing Pty Ltd. screenshot (15-Jun-2009)
Co-Processing Pty Ltd. screenshot (15-Jun-2009)

This fraudster should not be confused with any legitimate company of the same or similar name - the above website graphics and theluded money laundering job clearly identify the fake website and these criminal fraudsters.

Co-Processing Pty Ltd. is one of a selection of 'minimalist' fraud websites that all display the same text that claims that they are a "growing multinational company" involved in "mail and money management and collecting payments worldwide". In fact their two-page websites consist solely of a money mule job advertisement and an application form. Their known aliases to date are ITS Financial CorpBCA FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC., NTT Pty LtdFES Pty Ltd. and Co-Processing Pty Ltd, but no doubt there will be others. Needless to say, their location details are all bogus, they are not a genuine legally registered company and they have no internet presence whatsoever. Don't be fooled - the job is clearly an illegal money mule function that will lose you a lot of money, get your bank account closed and possibly earn you a criminal record. On its own it defines the Co-Processing Pty Ltd. company as a fake, criminal operation.

Co-Processing Pty Ltd.  : Evidence of Criminal Fraud

i) The Co-Processing Pty Ltd. website consists solely of the following clear money mule job solicitation and an application form:

In order to apply, please review this text and click on the "I AM READY" link

Please read the text below carefully as there are some information about Co-Processing Pty Ltd and your career opportunity with us.

Common information

Co-Processing Pty Ltd is a young and growing multinational company. We have more than 10 departments worldwide (mostly Australia and North America). The head office is located in Melbourne, Australia. Our company is engaged in mail and money management and collecting payments worldwide. We're providing check/wire clearing service for customers throughout the European Union and Asia who for some reasons need to receive payments from the United States. Reasons for this include, but not limited to:

    * telecommute work
    * affiliate programs
    * sponsorship
    * travellers assistance

The purpose of the job is to expedite funds clearing, since clearing of foreign checks/wires overseas can take up to 3 months. Therefore we're establishing an agent service in order to process the funds in the country of origin, hiring a contract staff to work with transfers.

Junior Financial Manager vacancy description

We are looking for HONEST and reliable people for this position.


    * US RESIDENTS ONLY (no exceptions)
    * reliable Internet/e-mail access (must be able to check e-mail 2-3 times a day)
    * checking/savings bank account
    * 2-3 hours of free time a week (mainly in non-business hours) for communications
    * Adults only (21+)

Persons who are accepted for this position will follow these instructions:

    * Receive the funds from either our company or our partners to his/her designated bank account approved by our manager;
    * Withdraw the funds, keeping specified money transaction fee as a commission for your services (usually between $150 to $500, no less than $150 per transfer);
    * Send the rest of the money to our company and/or our partners via the specified transaction operator.
    * Report transaction details back to the manager.

Our preferred money transfer methods are personal/corporate checks, money orders and bank transfers.

Job description

We will send you the funds through one of our money transfer methods from our company and/or our partners directly to you.

Your part of the job is to ensure the clearing of funds, re-sending the money (less your commission) to us/our customers via one of chosen money transfer agencies. This should be done on the same or the next day when the funds are available for transfer (usually 2 business days).

Necessary transaction details will be sent to you via e-mail. You will have it as soon as you confirm availability of the funds. We will start with one transaction to gain the trust for both parties, after the first transfer is done you should express how many transfers you're able to handle every business day. If you're willing to try our program, fill out the form below with your personal information. Every completed form will be reviewed and our manager will contact you in 24 hours.

Getting started

We will need you to provide some basic personal information to get started. Please click on "I AM READY" link below to fill the form. You might want to specify any questions you have. Thank you for reading this document. Good luck.

The above 'job' is a clear ILLEGAL money mule function of accepting stolen funds into your personal bank account and transferring a balance back to these criminals via Moneygram or Western Union. It will lose you a lot of money and possibly your liberty - do not be tempted. No legitimate company would recruit unknown, unqualified, unverified private citizens as money transfer agents using their own personal bank account. It defines Co-Processing Pty Ltd. as a criminal organisation.
ii) A Google search shows absolutely no internet presence at all for this particular Co-Processing Pty Ltd., apart from their own fake website. The hits consist almost entirely of dead links and fraud site listings. Not to be confused with any unrelated genuine company of the same name.

iii) Website Contact Details:

Co-Processing Pty Ltd
PO Box 164, Stones Corner QLD 4120 Australia

• - The only Google hits for the address
PO Box 164, Stones Corner QLD 4120 are for the criminal's own fake website. There is no evidence that they are at that address.

iv) An Australian Securities & Investments Commission check for Co-Processing Pty Ltd. shows that there is a registration record for Co-Processing Pty Ltd. but with no address as the company has been de-registered - this time the crooks have picked the wrong identity to steal. Clearly fraudulent.

v) The fraud site content is exactly the same as the site content for the other fake companies as listed above - clear evidence of fraud.

The above evidence clearly demonstrates beyond any doubt that the Co-Processing Pty Ltd. website has been set up by money laundering criminal fraudsters purely for the purpose of spamvertising an illegal money laundering 'mule' job. If you are an abuse team that has received an abuse report regarding these fraudsters, please consider immediate termination of their services in view of the absolutely undeniable evidence of criminal fraud - please don't delay - these criminals will not respond to any communication from you, (all their whois data is false), but will simply take advantage of any attempt at communication as a delaying tactic to allow them time to carry on their criminal activity and prepare their next network.
NTT Pty Ltd Fraudsters - hosting details

Main Domains, Registrars and Hosts  

MELBOURNE IT LTD, (Yahoo as reseller) - 12-Mar-2007

Host Network

Inktomi Corporation(Yahoo)

Host IP

Suspended or Inactive

Please notify me of any other current domains used by this criminal.

Network Data (
How I am searching:

Searching for A record at []: Got referral to (zone: org.)
Searching for A record at []: Got referral to (zone:
Searching for A record at []: Reports Response:
Domain Type Class TTL Answer A IN 1200 NS IN 86400 NS IN 86400 NS IN 86400 NS IN 86400

Looking up at the 2 parent servers:

Server Response [] []

This criminal's website is hosted by Inktomi Corporation (Yahoo) on IP All of the listed criminals are hosted on this same Yahoo IP address.
***Latest News*** Initial entry 15th. June 2009 - thanks to Frank Bear for the heads-up on this one.