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World Rentals Website screenshot:
World Rentals screenshot (24-Sep-2008)

World Rentals fraud is just one of hundreds of Russian/Ukrainian scams from the same huge criminal operation. It is simply the Better Rentals and Fine Rentals frauds re-hashed under a new name. They also have identical aliases of Premium Rentals and Ace Rentals. The bottom line is the usual ILLEGAL spamvertised money mule job under the 'Vacancies' tab which will get your bank account and assets frozen, lose you a lot of money and get you a visit from the police. Don't fall for it!

This fraudster should not be confused with any legitimate company of the same or similar name - the above website graphics and the included money laundering job clearly identify the fake website and these fraudsters.

World Rentals : Evidence of Criminal Fraud

i) World Rentals claim on their website 'About Us' page: "Based in Germany and founded in January 2005", but the criminal's domain was only registered with on 22-Sep-2008. Clear evidence of misrepresentation and fraud.

ii) On their 'About Us' page, World Rentals claim: "Based in Germany and founded in January 2005, World Rentals is a global catalogue of rentals and one of the best marketplaces for accomodation abroad. With first hand knowledge of the foreign property market and coupled with many years of internet marketing, we offer you an unrivalled and powerful rental opportunity. With accomodation objects in France, Spain, UK, Australia, USA, Russia & many more destinations worldwide , we are sure you will find your ideal home abroad with The site has user-friendly format and quick and efficient search tools have made it a favourite with renters". Ignoring the mis-spelling of accommodation, and the fact that they have used a previous alias (, a Google search for "World Rentals" shows lots of other companies with those words in their name, but nothing for these crooks - they have no web presence whatsoever, (apart from fraud website listings).

iii) Bogus Contact Details from the website:

Corporate Headquarters:
World Rentals GmbH
Bismarckstrasse 31, 50210 Frankfurt, Germany
Fax number: +49 1594 3182 038
hiring manager: Jeff Krepner
United States:
Phone number: +1-(206) 238-2228
Fax number : +1-303-479-6018

• - A German postcode lookup shows that the above address and postcode are both completely fictitious - the address is bogus.
All clear Evidence of Fraud - check it yourself.
• -
They have no 'Corporate Headquarters' telephone number listed and the so-called Fax number is actually an 02 mobile number.
Clear Evidence of Fraud.
iv) Here is the position of "Real Estate Agent" posted on their website:

World Rentals is a prosperous and fast-growing international online company. Currently we offer the possibility of renting and buying real estate quickly and easily in 15 countries. You can familiarize with our activities on this website. We operate through our individual agents on an remote work basis allowing us to extend our agency network all over the world. Taking into consideration the specific character of any international business, this is an mandatory clause for top-quality service. We look forward to expanding our agency network and will be glad to discuss a possible future cooperation with you as a representative of our company.

Responsibilities of our real estate agents include:

• Searching out new property units, putting them into our database through the simple web-interface.
• Interacting with landlords.
• Performing various additional duties in your location as a local representative of our company.

Generally this work doesn’t require any special knowledge. We provide professional training for our representatives and therefore we are ready to deal with beginners. However you must meet the following requirements:

• Strong customer service and communication skills
• Positive attitude to the job
• Customer orientation
• Ability to research and process information
• Ability to target and perform obligations on time
• Ability to stay in touch with our company by your phone or e-mail

This is a remote part-time job and it can provide you a great benefit since such work will not take up a lot of your time.

We offer you a steady job with $ 60,000 per year: the paycheck consisting of your base salary ($ 36000) and 1% of the total rent amount for every property unit you have added and negotiated will be transmitted to you monthly (up to $ 2000 per month in addition to the base salary).

You can apply and send us your resume using the form below. If you satisfy our requirements we will get in touch with you within 5-10 days. Please turn off your e-mail filters while you are waiting for our reply, especially if you use a free email service; we ask you to do so because your filters may mistakenly block our job-related emails. 

v) The pertinent sentence is "Performing various additional duties in your location as a local representative of our company". This is just a thinly disguised window into receiving fake checks ostensibly as 'landlord payments' and forwarding money on to these crooks using Moneygram and Western Union. Try a google search for "Performing various additional duties in your location as a local representative of our company." to see how they spam job websites. Here is an example of their spam:

The Spam

This email contains information about home-based position Real Estate

First of all it's part-time job with following hours:

Monday-Friday from 8-9am till 1-2pm, sometimes 1-2 hours on Saturday.

Secondly you don't need to send money upfront or pay anything to start.

There are two components of this job:

1). The primary component is real estate analysis and market research.
You will monitor the local newspapers, magazines and websites. Establish
list prices, prepare and deliver regular update reporting to us. Seek
opportunities to improve processes/procedures to more effectively
complete job assignments.  You should also find your own sources of
information and we hope it will not be difficult to succeed, especially
if you have some experience in this area.

You don't need go or drive to property, all information need to be found
from online or papers.

Simply you will analyse average price of houses and appartments and send
us report in the end of each week and in the end of each month.

We will provide detailed instructions later. Your have to send us at
least 10 analysis per month. If your analyse more, you will receive
bonus (it will be added to your paycheck on top of the stable base
salary of $3000/month). Thus, you should be motivated to analyse units
and send us regular updates.

2). Secondary responsibilities which you perform from time to time as a
local representative of our company may include various telephone calls
and rent collection.

We allow our clients to escape a lot of fuss and trouble while sending
money abroad. We give them an opportunity to pay the rent by making
payments to our representative within the USA. You should accept the
payment from the US client and transfer it to the landlord to another
country using the most appropriate method. It will not be difficult,
because you follow our instructions. For this service you will receive
1% from the total amount of each rent payment. You just deduct your
percentage from each payment. You pay out commissions for the money
transfer from the client's money, just deducting them from the sum of
the payment.

We don't require an active agent license. We send a paycheck once a
month, but you get your 1% at once from each payment you process.

We are sure this work will be interesting and simple for you. The
greatest advantage of this position is its remote character and the
possibility of spending only a few of hours a day working while earning
a base $36,000 per year plus your commissions (up to $30,000 per year).

Please contract me through instant messengers in case you are interested
in this job:

My AIM(AOL): jeffkrepner


With Best Regards,
Jeff Krepner
World Rentals

vi) No legitimate company is going to advertise among the untrained and unknown general population overseas for such a position

vii) Here is a victim's story relating to their previous identical alias, Better Rentals and here is another one relating to one of the criminals other aliases, Ace Rentals - don't join them!

The above evidence clearly demonstrates beyond any doubt that the World Rentals website has been set up by money laundering criminal fraudsters purely for the purpose of spamvertising an illegal money laundering 'mule' job. If you are an abuse team that has received an abuse report regarding these fraudsters, please consider immediate termination of their services in view of the absolutely undeniable evidence of criminal fraud - please don't delay - these criminals will not respond to any communication from you, (all their whois data is false), but will simply take advantage of any attempt at communication as a delaying tactic to allow them time to carry on their criminal activity and prepare their next network.
World Rentals Fraudsters - current hosting details

Current Main Domains, Hosts and  Registrars

Enom Inc. 22-Sep-2008 25-Sep-2008
Host Network

ISP UATelecom Ukrainian national holding LLC
ISP UATelecom Ukrainian national holding LLC

Host IP


Please notify me of any other current domains used by this criminal.

Nameserver Domains and Registrars - 厦门华商盛世网络有限公司 (Xiamen Chinese Entrepreneur Spirit Network Ltd./ 06-Jul-2007
Fresh spam required, full source code please or as an attachment.

DNS Data (
How I am searching:

Searching for A record at []: Got referral to (zone: biz.) [took 174 ms]
Searching for A record at []: Got referral to NS1.DNS-WEBNS.CN. (zone: [took 41 ms]
Searching for A record at NS1.DNS-WEBNS.CN. []: Reports [took 170 ms] Response:

Looking up at the 2 parent servers:

ServerResponse [] []Timeout

The listed host for this criminal's website is once again the ISP UATelecom Ukrainian national holding LLC on IP address This is the same host and IP address as used by the Better Rentals and the Fine Rentals fraudsters.

The nameserver domain is almost certainly another criminal domain registered purely for DNS purposes, replacing the criminal's previous expired nameserver domain, It seems to be exclusively used for this criminal's fraud network.
Fraud Blog Initial entry 24th. September 2008

***Latest News*** 25th. September 2008

Report from site contact - domain has been suspended. Please notify me of any active websites/domains.

***Latest News*** 11th. November 2008
New domain notified by site contact - hosted on the above network.

***Latest News*** 19th. September 2009
No active domains are known for this criminal - consigned to archive - please notify me of any active domains.