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Instar Logistics screenshot (05-Dec-2008):
Instar Logistics screenshot (05-Dec-2008):

This fraudster should not be confused with any other company that may have the same or a similar name. The website graphics and the evidence below identify this criminal.

Instar Logistics is a is a fairly obvious Russian money laundering and reshipping fraud scammer
. The whole purpose of the fake website is to lend legitimacy to the twin jobs of Money laundering mule, (Regional Agent/Money Manager), and a reshipping donkey, (Correspondence manager) so the unwitting victim has a choice of two separate ways to lose their money and go to jail. This scammer has the alternate alias of RLS-Logistics and there are text similarities to many other scams including InterBuyers, Cargo Logistic, MMA Solutions and Around The Globe. The website is riddled with the usual 'Runglish' that is characteristic of these fraud sites. As per usual they claim to have been in business for years, but their website domain was only registered with MELBOURNE IT LTD (Yahoo as reseller) on 03-Oct-2008 which is a clear indication of misrepresentation and fraud. The logo of the above criminal's website has been stolen from the genuine Instar Logistics company who I'm sure have nothing to do with these criminals.

Evidence of Criminal Fraud:

i) The Instar Logistics domain was only registered with MELBOURNE IT LTD (Yahoo as reseller) 03-Oct-2008 which makes a nonsense of this claim on their 'About Us' page: "Our company is formed in 1990"

ii) Despite the above claim, as is the norm with these fraudsters, a Google search for "Instar Logistics" shows only this criminal's website, fraud site listings, a few job spams and no other web presence whatsoever, (not to be confused with the genuine Instar Logistics company), which once again lends the lie to the above statement.

iii) This is the money laundering mule job of Regional Agent/Money Manager from the website:
The regional agent/Money manager

We invite citizens from other countries for cooperation. Functions of the regional agent: receiving and cashing out payments from our customers and then transferring funds to our clients.

REASON : Most customers prefer to pay within their own country and it's much faster than sending an international Money Order.

You will receive and cash out several types of payments: Bank Transfers, Money Orders, Checks and Western Union. Having a PayPal account gives you an advantage of accepting even more payments. Basically you'll be getting 10% out of every received payment. Our company's 90 % share will be sent to us using Western Union. The fee is paid out of company's 90 % share.

IMPORTANT: Payments have to be cashed out same day received and our company's 90 % share sent to our clients same day payments clear in the bank! Make sure you can handle it before submitting the form!

Benefits of working with us: free working schedule - usually no more than 1-2 hours daily!

Basic requirements :

    * Knowledge of the PC
    * Knowledge of the Internet and e-mail
    * 18+ Age
    * Valid ID
    * Bank Account
    * Verified Paypal Account
    * Opportunity to work 1-3 hours per day


Your salary 10-15% from each paypal or bank payment. If you can send money in same day your salary 15%.

If you are interested in our offer - you can contact us by e-mail (see contacts), or you can use our form (this variant is better).

iv) You do not get a  clearer definition of the illegal part time money mule function than above. That on its own defines the company without doubt as criminal and bogus and is clear evidence of criminal fraud. It will get your account closed, your assets frozen and earn you a vist from the police along with a criminal record upon conviction. Don't be tempted. No legitimate company is going to employ private citizens in a foreign country to act as money transfer agents using private bank accounts. The whole idea is preposterous and totally illegal.
v) The 'Reshipping Donkey' job of Correspondence manager from the website:

Correspondence manager (Part-time position)

The Perfect Job for College Students
What do employers want? Experience. So where can you get the experience employers are looking for? Instar Logistics. We can jump start your career by giving you valuable experience with a Fortune 100 company. Now, how many part-time jobs can do that?

The skills you learn at are the kind of resume builders that you can apply to other jobs for years to come. So don't waste your time at a part-time job that might not go anywhere or give you anything more than spending money. Company offers you business skills, job training, and experience at a Fortune 100 company - all before you graduate. The experience you'll gain at company just might make your post-graduation job hunt a little easier.

Common information:

Instar Logistics company is engaged in correspondence managing, distributing different goods worldwide, buying and reselling these goods.

Goods descriptions:
 - Consumer electronics of different kind ( DVD players, home theatres, audio players, video equipment, audio equipment etc. );
 - Sport equipment;
 - Luxuries;
 - Home computers and computer components for desktop systems, notebooks, PDAs;
 - Office equipment;
 - Mobile equipment ( Cellular phones, pagers, GPSs etc. );
 - Clothes;
We don’t operate with goods contain the materials and technologies restricted for export/import.

As a part-time employee, you'll have access to the following benefits:

 - $3,100 per month
 - You need 2-4 hours free during the day, and 10-14 hours during the week
 - $38,000 per year
 - Free Expert Bid (UPS International, FedEx Express and USPS Express) shipping
  - Set work schedule
 - Business experience recruiters look for
 - Weekends and holidays off (except Air Hubs)
 - Paid vacations and holidays


 - Computer with e-mail
 - USA resident
 - 1-2 hours free during the day, and 6-8 hours during the week (mainly in the evening / non-business hours) for communication
 - Western Union office in your state or Banking account (For receiving money for your job)
 - Fax machine or Scaner  (if possible)

Job description:

Persons who will be accepted for this job will follow these simple instructions:

 - Receive the correspondence from our company to his/her residential address
 - Report to our manager about new parcels ( Every candidate will be included in manager’s lists )
  - Receive money from our company for shipping and payment for each shipped out package. Money transfer method described below. First month we offer $40,00 / each shipped out box. ( In a week can be more then 20 parcels, in a month - more then 100 parcels )
 - Fill the forms and papers as it will be shown in our managers instructions (You will receive e-mail with instructions for each box ).
 - Ship the package out using the specified shipping method (at this moment we use mainly EMS /every USPS office can ship it with EMS Global Express/)

You will need no money to start, just fill the form with your personal information. Every completed form will be reviewed and our manager will contact you same day.

If you are interesting, please provide your personal information. Same day one of our managers will contact you.

I like the "If you are interesting"... (That phrase on it's own links this scam to several other frauds).

vi) The above fraud could not be clearer - it is the well recognised function of "re-shipping fraud". There is no genuine requirement for such a service operated by private individuals working from home on a part-time basis and what the unfortunate 'donkey' may not realise is that the goods he has reshipped are stolen goods, having been purchased by fraud, e.g. stolen credit card details and he will be the only traceable link in the chain. This fraud is well documented  by many authoritative agencies, e.g. the United States Postal Service detail it here in a press release dating back to February 2005.

vii) 'Contact Us' Details from the website:


Our head office:

Instar Logistics , CO.
Veselyi Pereulok 45
109172, Moscow, Russia

Phone/Fax: +7 095 9230030

Phone number in USA
for FAX and VOICE messages only:(508) 300-0323

Business Hours (GMT Time):
Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 6:30 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Contacts for European and the rest of the world customers:

Peterburi tee 81
Phone/Fax: +372 600 9350

- A Google search for the telephone number "+372 600 9350" shows that not only has it has been used for previous scams such as MMA Solutions, but also that it is a Fax. Number for the Estonian Chamber of Commerce of Agriculture (CCA)
- A Google search for the telephone number "+7 095 9230030" shows that it has been used for previous scams such as MMA Solutions.
• - A Google search on the above address "Veselyi Pereulok 45" shows that there is no independent evidence to show that this criminal company is at that address. It is undoubtedly fake. Only fraud site listings pop up.
All clear evidence of fake contact details and criminal fraud.

The above evidence clearly demonstrates that the Instar Logistics website is a fraudulent website set up with intent to deceive. If you are an abuse team that has received an abuse report regarding these fraudsters, please consider immediate termination of their services in view of the absolutely undeniable evidence of criminal fraud - please don't delay - these criminals will not respond to any communication from you, (all of their whois data is invariably false), but will simply take advantage of any attempt at communication as a delaying tactic to allow them time to carry on their criminal activity and prepare their next network.

Known Website Domains


MELBOURNE IT LTD (Yahoo as reseller) on 03-Oct-2008
Host IP


DNS Data: (

How I am searching:

Searching for A record at []: Got referral to (zone: biz.)
Searching for A record at []: Got referral to YNS1.YAHOO.COM. (zone:
Searching for A record at YNS1.YAHOO.COM. []: Reports Response:

Looking up at the 2 parent servers:

ServerResponse [] []

There we have the usual Yahoo hosting that quite a few of these criminals favour as Yahoo seem to be  getting increasingly unresponsive to abuse reports. IP address It's the same IP as for the RLS-Logistics crook.
Fraud Log

Webpage created 5th. December 2008

***Latest News*** 02-Mar-2009
The criminals domain is disabled - please notify me of any active domains for this criminal.

***Latest News*** 23rd January 2010
o active domains are known for this criminal - consigned to archive. Let me know of any active domains for this criminal.