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Epayment Solutions Inc. is just another of the numerous scam websites that has been set up to form a front for a money laundering job advertisement. (The identical job was posted by the Calisto Trading Inc., Reynolds Investment, & Simple Investments fraudsters and others). It's a bit slicker than most but at the end of the day its function is to con you into believing that they are a legitimate company when the evidence clearly demonstrates that they are crooks. It's an identical scam to Emarket Solutions Inc., Legal Operations Inc., Secure Operations Inc. and the Oranta Group Inc. frauds using the same host and nameservers.

This fraudster should not be confused with a legitimate company of the same or similar name - the above website graphics and the included money laundering job clearly identify the fake website and these fraudsters.

Epayment Solutions Inc. : Evidence of Criminal Fraud

i) Epayment Solutions Inc. claim on their website "The company was set up in 1990 in New York, the USA by three enthusiasts having financial education", but the criminal's domain epayment-solutions.cn was only registered with Bizcn.com on 08-Jan-2008

ii) A Google search shows no internet presence at all for Epayment Solutions Inc. apart from as spammers and scammers. They are also not listed at the UK Companies House or the UK Financial Services Authority which they would have to be to be able to legally trade in the UK - they are undoubtedly a bogus company.

iii) This scam is related to the Calisto Trading Inc. scam among others & is identical to the Emarket Solutions Inc.. Oranta Group Inc., Legal Operations Inc. & Secure Operations Inc. scams - it even has the same contact details for all the different companies:

iv) European Contact Details (copied from their website):
EUROPE, United Kingdom (Iceland, Republic of Ireland)
Street address: 81 holland road
City: london
State: london
Zip: nw105at
Country: United Kingdom
Director: Johnathan Carter

The above address is actually listed in UK Companies House as the registered address of a company called HONEY'S DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION LIMITED (Company No. 05416580). In other words it's a fake address as undoubtedly are all their others. It's also the same address used for the Calisto Trading Inc. fraud and others.

v) The limited registrar whois data for the domain
epayment-solutions.cn is quite obviously false.

vi) They use criminal registered nameservers, (ns1.www-yahoo.biz
& ns1.www-news.biz), that on the face of it appear to be something to do with Yahoo & news.biz, but do not be fooled - the domain www-yahoo.biz & www-news.biz have been registered by the criminal with Public Domain Registry, & Estdomains by the same Michelle Fischer, (who appears in many others of this fraudsters registrations), also using obviously false whois data in an attempt to fraudulently impersonate a Yahoo network. In fact www-yahoo.biz has now been suspended.

vii) Here is the obvious money laundering position of "CHECKS PROCESSING MANAGER" posted on their website:

The vacancy is valid for US residents only

Location: USA, statewide
Status: Opened
Employee Type: Part-Time Employee

Cheques Processing Manager is responsible for receiving and processing of cheques from participants of deals and further transfer of money in accordance with the specified method. The detailed operational scheme is available at request.

Requirements: Benefits of working for our company:
In other words, just your average money laundering mule position.

viii) No legitimate company is going to spamvertise among the untrained, inexperienced and uncertified general population for a "CHECKS PROCESSING MANAGER" acting as a criminal money transfer agent

ix) The identical illegal job was posted by the Reynolds Investment, Calisto Trading Inc.
Emarket Solutions Inc.. Oranta Group Inc., Legal Operations Inc. & Secure Operations Inc. fraudsters.

x) More details of the money mule function from the criminal's website:

Cheques Processing Manager

Location: USA, state-wide
Opening currently available Yes
Employee Type: Part-Time employee

Job description:

The buyers of our international clients will send postal money orders and cashiers checks to your home address as the payment for the bought merchandise. You can always easily cash postal money order in the nearest post office or in any other cashing office. Cashiers check should be cashed in the bank. If the cashier's check you will receive was issued by a bank that has a branch in your town you should cash the received cashiers check there. It will substantially shorten the time of transaction and lower the associated fees. If there is no such branch of the bank you have to cash the received cashiers check using your own bank.

Cashiers check and money orders will be delivered to you by the couriers of such shipping companies as: FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL. In every case we will provide you with all the information pertaining to the given transaction like shipping company, tracking number of the money order etc. It grants you with the opportunity to trace the check en route. You have to be at home at the time of the planned arrival to ensure you receive the mail in the shortest terms. Since you will receive valuable papers the courier may ask you to present your ID and sign the paperwork.

At the moment you receive cashiers check or money order the main stage of the job work starts. You have to cash the received checks as soon as possible. Please pay particular attention to this rule! You have to memorize that from the moment you receive money order every minute counts as the main advantage of our service is the fastest forwarding of the funds from the buyer to the seller, our international client, for the sold products. If you slow down the process our client may cancel the contract with the Epayment Solutions Inc. and we will incur serious financial losses. Please remember that you are handling money, be very responsible and attentive!

According to the contract terms you will be held responsible in the court of law in case you loose, spoil, spend or hold-up the funds intended for our clients.

If you have received a postal money order before 12 am you have to cash it during next 4 hours in the closest Post Office .The process will not take more than 20 minutes.

If you have received a cashier's check before 12 am you have to find out during next 4 hours whether there is a branch of the bank that has issued cashiers check in your town and cash it. If there is no branch you will have to visit your bank and cash your check using your own bank account. You have to remember that your main task is complete the transaction as soon as possible since our client is concerned to receive his money ASAP.

Keeping the recommendations given above you will save your time and evidently will not face additional problems.

After you have cashed the cashiers check or money order you have to transfer the moneys to our client using international Western Union payment system. Western Union fees along with all other costs, such as bank fees, transportation costs and so in are paid by us and are deducted from the sum total.

Your compensation will be also deducted from the received funds on the commission basis. During first 30 days, that will be your probationary period your compensation will be 5% from every successfully handled transfer. After the completion of the probationary period your salary will be raised to 10 % per successfully handled transfer.

Our clients value our performance and are ready to pay extra for shorter transaction terms. If we manage to deliver the merchandise top the buyer during 10 days, the deal considers to be fulfilled in rapid terms.

You have to remember that time is working against you and you have to perfectly execute your duties to receive bonuses for the prompt and competent performance.

Probationary period also imposes restrictions on the social packet of our corporation. You will be able to receive Epayment Solutions Inc. social packet only after you successfully complete the probationary period.

Social packet includes:
stock options, child-care subsidies, flex-time, business casual attire, educational assistance and professional development programs.

Detailed information concerning the social packet will be sent to you after the successful completion of the probationary period

Candidate requirements:

Please send your resume to: job@epayment-solutions.cn

Epayment Solutions Inc. signs a legally binding contract with each employee thus we will need the scan of your ID or driving license to verify your identity and eliminate fraud risk. We do not release the collected information to any third party. Please follow the link below to read our Privacy Policy: index.php?page=r_16

Every employee receives his or her personal login and password to gain the access to the personal online activity. The database and the accounting system are fully automated thus you will be able to get access to the list of the active tasks, inform us about the reception of cashiers checks or money orders and get detailed instructions concerning your functions during few seconds.

Expedited handlings payments manager in our corporation as well as all other employees of our corporation are participating in the best employee of the month program that offers valuable bonuses and guaranteed promotion. Please look for more information here.

The above evidence clearly demonstrates beyond any doubt that the Epayment Solutions Inc. website has been set up by money laundering fraudsters purely for the purpose of spamvertising an illegal money laundering 'mule' job. If you are an abuse team that has received an abuse report regarding these fraudsters, please consider immediate termination of their services in view of the absolutely undeniable evidence of criminal fraud - please don't delay - these criminals will not respond to any communication from you, (all their whois data is false), but will simply take advantage of any attempt at communication as a delaying tactic to allow them time to carry on their criminal activity and prepare their next network.
Epayment Solutions Inc. Fraudsters - current hosting details [Updated 6th. Feb 2008]

Current Main Domains, Hosts and  Registrars


厦门华商盛世网络有限公司 - Bizcn.com
厦门华商盛世网络有限公司 - Bizcn.com
Host Network

Host IP

Please notify me of any other current domains used by this criminal.

Nameserver Domains and Registrars

www-yahoo.biz - Public Domain Registry 10-Sept-2007 (This domain has been registered by the criminals with obvious false/missing whois data in a blatant attempt to imitate a Yahoo network). - Suspended
www-news.biz - Estdomains 14-Jun-2006 (This domain has been registered by the criminals with obvious false/missing whois data in an attempt to imitate a legitimate domain). - Suspended
The Spam Headers

Fresh spam required, full source code please or as an attachment.

The Spam Content

Thank you for being interested in open vacancy.
If you decide contact me, please use the following e-mail address: 

Firstly I have to tell you, that it is not a job where you need to invest your
own money to start working.

One of the main targets of Epayment Solutions Inc. corporate strategy is to become one
of the biggest companies on the corporate market of online trade by providing
internet users through universal and flexible payment instrument for products
and services which are available for sale in the internet. The main objective
Epayment Solutions Inc. is to provide the most strict security level without
complicating the usability to wide public.

We are happy to see you on the position of the Independent Agent. You don't
need to have any complicated and particular knowledge, huge amount of time or
effort and as is written above you are not required to make any investments.

Job Requirements:

- you have to be eighteen (18) years old or older
- bank account, (Business bank preferred)
- internet access and a valid phone number where we can reach you at any

At this position we want to see competent and responsible person who will
search for the best ways to fastest and perfect implementation of current
task, who can be permanently available for contact during working hours, and
can follow instructions.

For last three months of the current year is detected the record economic
growth in every department of
Epayment Solutions Inc. It is result of excellent and
active work of our members of the staff. As we can see in statistical reports,
98 of our financial managers who worked for less than three months are
completely satisfied with work condition and salaries, and they want to pass
the further training to improve skills and advance in their careers.
Oranta Group Inc. is trying to constantly seize the control on the maximum part
of the financial services market. Now you can make the first steps to your
perspective career today!

Every employee who occupies the Independent Agent position receives a social
package which is available after successful test period. It consists of:

- Stock options
- Child-care subsidies
- Flex-time
- Business casual attire
- Educational assistance and professional development programs

Also our employee can enjoy such advantages as:

-long term credit up to 8 years
-training on the improvement of professional skill in the international
-participation in corporate bonus programs
- Wonderful opportunities for career growth

Your future job is fully described here: http://www.

The official internet site is here: http://www.

If you come up to our expectations we can open our branch in your city with
you at the leading position in this department. It only depends on you if you
want to live your life with respect and money or not.

The roots of
Epayment Solutions Inc. success are located in flexible and individual
approach to every client and corporative model of mass standard services.
Transactions of our clients can be safe because of high protection of their
funds and we are trying to provide them the perfect service while completing
online transactions.

If you want to try yourself on this vacancy, please reply to this e-mail and
you'll receive an answer with all necessary instructions.

If you have any questions mail to job@epayment-solutions.cn

We really hope you'll be interested in the
Epayment Solutions Inc. team as soon as you can!


Robert Watkins
Epayment Solutions Inc.
Department of Employment

DNS Data (epayment-solutions.cn)

How I am searching:

Searching for epayment-solutions.cn A record at a.root-servers.net []: Got referral to NS.CERNET.NET. (zone: cn.)
Searching for epayment-solutions.cn A record at NS.CERNET.NET. []: Got referral to ns1.www-news.biz. (zone: epayment-solutions.cn.)
Searching for epayment-solutions.cn A record at ns1.www-news.biz. []: Reports epayment-solutions.cn. Response:
Domain Type Class TTL Answer
epayment-solutions.cn. A IN 3600
epayment-solutions.cn. NS IN 3600 ns1.motohero2200.info.
epayment-solutions.cn. NS IN 3600 ns1.westsport4000.biz.
ns1.motohero2200.info. A IN 3600
ns1.westsport4000.biz. A IN 3600

Note the criminal's own stealthed nameservers ns1.motohero2200.info and ns1.westsport4000.biz

Looking up at the 2 epayment-solutions.cn. parent servers:

Server Response
ns1.www-yahoo.biz []
ns1.www-news.biz []

The DNS data shows nameservers using bogus domains registered by the criminal, www-yahoo.biz, (Public Domain Registry - 10-Sept-2007), and www-news.biz, (Estdomains - 14-Jun-2006), using false whois data in an attempt to impersonate a Yahoo domain and a news domain. The site host IP is owned by a Russian host - datapoint.ru/DATAPOINT-NET2 and has a RDNS entry of so it may well be a criminally owned end user machine or zombie. The nameserver host [] is the same Russian host - datapoint.ru/DATAPOINT-NET2
Fraud Blog Initial entry 6th. February 2008

October the 11th. 2008 - No active domains known - moved to archive. Please notify me of any active links.