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Ace Global Inc.
Ace Global Inc. is just the latest in a long line of fake companies that have been set up to form a front for a money laundering job advertisement. It's a bit slicker than most but at the end of the day its function is to con you into believing that they are a legitimate company when the evidence clearly demonstrates that they are criminal fraudsters.

Ace Global Inc. : Evidence of Criminal Fraud

i) Ace Global Inc. claims to have been in operation since 2005 at least, but the criminal's domain was only registered on August the 23rd. 2007. Their previous domain, (which had the registrant listed as "" of Amsterdam), has been suspended by Public Domain Registry. Fraudsters incarnations never last very long, so their domains are seldom more than two or three months old at longest, usually only weeks.

ii) A Google search for Ace Global Inc. only brings up either a plastics recycler or a fraudster.

They claim that their "Executive Office" is at 17 Terrett avenue, Headington Oxford, OX3 8FE United Kingdom and their company registration number is 05777781. There certainly is a company with the name "ACE INVESTMENTS UK LIMITED"
and that registration number listed at that address with UK Companies House but it has never filed accounts and is under final notice of strike off.

iv) They do not appear to have a telephone number at the above address, (or they are ex-directory....). In fact they've got no telephone numbers at all for any of their 'branches', just a few general FAX numbers listed.

v) A search of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) shows no registration in the UK for any of their aliases which they would have to have to trade legally in the financial area.

vi) They claim to be a member of the "UK Money Transmitters Association". There is such an association, but they certainly don't have
Ace Global Inc. or any of their aliases in their published membership list.

The company Ace Global Inc. has a registration with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission of NSW INC9877403. The record appears to be a bogus 'name only' registration with no company details at all and seems to be the same as NSW 1585840121 which has a 'removed' status.

viii) Clicking on their website Dunn and Bradstreet check icon returns data for 'Ace Investment Corp', not Ace Global Inc. - there's no evidence that they are related.

ix) The website has the usual 'Careers' menu option which lists the familiar "Money Transfer Agent" job:

ACE is seeking candidates for positions of Transfer Agent in all areas of operations.

Being a customer-oriented company, we do our best to fit all our customers' needs as soon as possible. That's why our staff is a professionally trained and can solve any problem that occurs on their way.

ACE Global team is a community. We are not just a set of people, we are a family. We offer you, our potential colleague, to join us. See below, what we offer you.

Status: Part Time, Contact Employee
Position: Transfer Agent
Function: Private Client Services
Remuneration: floating salary ($1500-$5000/month)
Relevant Work Experience: Not Required
Career Level: Not Required
Location: USA (All States), Europe and Australia
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree will be an advantage

I like this: "Career Level: Not Required" followed by "Education Level: Bachelor's Degree will be an advantage". I should think anyone with a Bachelor's Degree will be intelligent enough not to fall for this scam!

x) What sort of financial company is going to spamvertise for "Money Transfer Agents" among the untrained, inexperienced and uncertified general population? I think we all know the answer to that one.

xi) The
Ace Global Inc. website, is at present hosted by the same host, on the same IP and on the same namseservers as the Cronos Investment criminals and several other fraud sites, i.e. AbdAllah Internet on IP

Ace Global Inc. is listed as a fake bank website in the fake bank database.

The above evidence clearly demonstrates beyond any doubt that the
Ace Global Inc. website has been set up by money laundering fraudsters purely for the purpose of spamvertising an illegal money laundering 'mule' job. If you are an abuse team that has received an abuse report regarding these fraudsters, please consider immediate termination of their services in view of the absolutely undeniable evidence of criminal money laundering activity and spamming - please don't delay - these criminals will not respond to any communication from you, (all their whois data is false), but will simply take advantage of any attempt at communication as a delaying tactic to allow them time to carry on their criminal activity and prepare their next network.
Ace Global Inc. Fraudsters - current hosting details [Updated 20th. October 2007]

Current Main Domains, Hosts and  Registrars

Domain People Inc.
Host Network

AbdAllah Internet
Host IP

See table below for the full list of known active & suspended main domains used by this criminal.
Please notify me of any other current domains used by this criminal.

Current Botnet Nameserver Domains and Registrars
Not botnet hosted at present - DNS data below. See table below for the full list of known active & suspended nameserver domains for this criminal.

The Spam Headers

Fresh spam required, full source code please or as an attachment.

The Spam Content

Fresh spam required, full source code please or as an attachment.

The Zombie Botnet

The criminal as not using a zombie botnet at this time. Normal DNS Data below.

Initial DNS Data (

Looking up at the 4 parent servers:

Server Response [] [] [] []

These criminals are experienced liars, thieves and professional confidence tricksters. Do not be fooled - do not believe them. The evidence of criminal fraud is undeniable. I'd like to thank the many honest & ethical hosts who have disconnected these fraudsters within an hour of receiving my abuse report, (several in c. 20 minutes). However, the zombie botnet controlling nameservers seem to be occasionally hosted by Colocation/VPS service providers who do not respond to criminal fraud abuse reports. The honest & ethical SPs will respond with an immediate, (preferably not 24 hours or 48 hours & certainly not never...), disconnection on receipt of a criminal abuse report, having considered the evidence below & investigated, but more and more frequently service providers stall or simply ignore abuse reports. This latter minority of uncaring & unethical hosts are aiding and abetting criminal fraud and the victims suffer because of it.

Knowingly supplying services to these fraudsters is a criminal offence in the UK under the UK Proceeds of Crime act (2002) Section 328 "A person commits an offence if he enters into or becomes concerned in an arrangement which he knows or suspects facilitates (by whatever means) the acquisition, retention, use or control of criminal property by or on behalf of another person". The notification level for this offence is low. Would all hosts and registrars with a UK presence, (other countries will undoubtedly have similar provisions), please bear this in mind and please do not ignore any criminal fraud abuse reports you may receive or if you do, please don't be surprised or offended if I file a crime complaint against you with local law enforcement agencies after a reasonable period of notice of abuse - the victims, (who could be your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, the helpless, the disabled or any loved one - these criminals are exactly the same as doorstep conmen), deserve better.

The unethical hosts, (and registrars), should appreciate that taking the 'blind eye' approach involves them in the crime, creates a great deal of ill-will, bad publicity & hurts everybody, especially the victims of these fraudsters. They should also bear in mind that these crooks pay for their services using Paypal linked to stolen credit card details so they are likely to get a charge-back which will also leave them out of pocket, unless, of course, they have a more intimate relationship with the criminals.

A CEO of a Credit Union tells me of clients who have lost thousands of pounds cashing counterfeit money orders for these criminals, & I myself have had letters from worried victims, so do not under any circumstances get involved with them and also please think twice about doing business with the unethical service providers who continue to provide this criminal with the means to perpetrate his crime despite being notified of the criminal activity. 

Blocking The spam

I have had quite a few queries about how to block the criminal's spam in Outlook Express. Fortunately they are easily detected using the OE 'Mail Rules' (Tools - Message Rules - Mail).

Rules based on the From, To etc addresses will never work as the header data is all forged. The message body remains constant, however & that can be used to detect them.

Use the rule "Where the message body contains specific words" and use 
"Ace Global Inc" as the search item then choose 'delete' (or whatever action you prefer) as the action then that will definitely detect every single one of these spams.
If you find this site helpful then please feel free to link to it on your website by inserting the following HTML code, (opens site in new window):
<a href="" target="_blank">Money Laundering Fraud Websites</a>

Here are all of the known domains that are/have been used for the 
Ace Global Inc fraud:





Public Domain Registry
Domain People Inc.

Please notify me of any errors or domains not listed here.

i) The criminal will not respond to your challenge, but will use the notice to prepare a new network - immediate suspension is requested please, if allowed for by your AUP.
If you have been a victim of this or any other of these fraudsters & would like to tell your story on these pages as a warning & to help others, please contact me.

Fraud Blog

Initial entry 20th. October 2007

27th. October 2007

The fraudsters URL is not resolving due to the fact that his nameserver domain has been suspended. No active domains known.

***Latest News*** 1st.December 2007

This fraudster is still active using the domain which he registered with Domain People Inc. on September the 6th. 2007 and he is using privacy protection - what legitimate company would do that? The network for the domain is as follows:

How I am searching:

Searching for A record at []: Got referral to TLD1.ULTRADNS.NET. (zone: org.)
Searching for A record at TLD1.ULTRADNS.NET. []: Got referral to (zone:
Searching for A record at []: Reports Response:
Domain Type Class TTL Answer A IN 14400 NS IN 14400 NS IN 14400 A IN 14400 A IN 14400

Looking up at the 2 parent servers:

Server Response [] []

The nameserver domain was only registered on 21st. September 2007 with ERDOMAIN.COM, (a reseller for PUBLICDOMAINREGISTRY.COM), so it's obviously the usual criminal registered nameserver domain that these crooks seem to favour, especially as it's also using Privacy Protect.

The host for the criminal ( is:
netname:      AIMS-MY-DIA-NET
descr:        AIMS Data Centre, Malaysia, Networks -

Fraud inactive - consigned to archive. Please notify me of any active domains for this criminal