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This fraud should not be confused with the any other company of the same or similar name - the website screenshot and the following fraud evidence refer to this fake, (supposedly Swedish), company alone and no other.
1st Class Recruitment screenshot - 04-Dec-2009
1st Class Recruitment screenshot - 04-Dec-2009

The 1st Class Recruitment scam appears on the face of it to be a pretty standard money laundering mule fraud website, but it isn't - it's an identical scam to the Ebook/Devbill 'Rockphish/Asprox' Infobite Software Ltd. (strawberry websites), and the subsequent AlfaCor, United Swiss Trading Group and Swiss Internet Trading criminal fraudsters among others who try to persuade you to set up your own limited company complete with merchant account for the purposes of laundering stolen funds from credit card fraud on the bogus pretext of a website template franchise operation, exactly as before. Lots of information regarding this particular type of fraud can be found here. Their 'About Us' page tells you virtually nothing about them, (no history whatsoever), but their page footer above displays a date of 2007, however, as per usual their initial website domain, (1stclassrecruitment.org), was only registered with the unresponsive Melbourne IT, Ltd. dba Internet Names Worldwide (26-Aug-2009) for the usual 'criminal's domain' minimum period of only one year. Their location details are bogus, their site content is stolen and they have no Google internet presence whatsoever. They are not a registered company in their claimed location of Sweden which demonstrates beyond doubt their fraudulent nature - check for yourself.

1st Class Recruitment Ltd : Evidence of Site Theft and Criminal Fraud

i) The 1st Class Recruitment criminal fraudsters are showing a page footer date of 2007, however, their website domain, (1stclassrecruitment.org), was only registered with Melbourne IT, Ltd. dba Internet Names Worldwide on 26-Aug-2009 for the usual 'criminal's domain' minimum period of only one year. - a clear indication of a fraudulent registration.

ii) If they were a genuine company that had been trading since 2007, they would have a considerable Google presence with all sorts of referrals and trade listings, however, a Google search for "1st Class Recruitment" returns nothing for these crooks, (not to be confused with other companies of the same generic name). - clear evidence of fraud.

iii) There is no such company by the name of 1st Class Recruitment registered in the Swedish Company Registry - clear and irrefutable evidence of a fake company.

iv) Stolen site content - their above home page paragraph is lifted in its entirety from this Talenttrust page, their 'About Us' page is directly lifted from here, and their 'testimonials' are lifted straight from here.

v) The Spam:
Dear xxxxxx,

My name is Linda Caradonna, I am the Manager of First Class Recruitment, a
leading recruiting agency for home based jobs. I email you with regard to
the job seeking information you have posted. I have reviewed your resume
and you seem to be an appropriate candidate for the position which is
currently open within one of the companies we perform our recruiting campaigns

Could you please confirm that you are still interested in employment? If
you are, please, let me know and I will get back to you with more information
on the position.

Linda Caradonna, First Class Recruitment

vi) The follow-up response to a query for more information:

Dear xxxxxx,

Thank you for your reply, I'm glad that our offer is interesting for you and
try to explain what did this position entails and how everything works.

Our client is the Swedish company Red Line web studio which wants to enter
the american market now because almost all on-line business are located in
the USA. So we have to search  managers in the USA to create their
subsidiaries. Below this manager is called Assistant Director. Theh
Assistant Director's mission in the project is to create business tools
(registering a business, setting up business and merchant bank accounts) and
it is for these services that he or she will be paid.

Red Line, Inc creates a web-site (online store or subsidiary another words)
which will sell their products. They want to sell small-size low-price
downloadable content advertizing through the banners. This way makes
possible to reach a good profit because of large volume of sales.

The work of this web-store is impossible without a company and that's why
Assistant Director's first step is the LLC or Sole Proprietorship
registration. If you don't have enough of funds to register the LLC we have
an opportunity to register the business for you using on-line incorporation
agency. In this case you don't spend your own money. If you already have a
company, it's great and will make the start up yet faster. You just should
open bank business and merchant account and Gateway on Authorize.net.

You will never do any sales, advertising, presentation or something like
this. All promoting of the Web store will be done using on-line ADS
services. All expenses relating to ads placement will be on Red Line studio
at full. The specialists of marketing department of Brahe Design studio will
take care about reaching the stable profit of the store not less than
$30.000 each month. You will be paid 5% of this sum so it is guaranteed that
your income will be not less than $1500 monthly.

The position af Assistant Director doesn't require any special skills. You
should  just be in touch with your personal manager and follow his/her
instructions. If you don't know how to do all this your personal manager
will explain you all actions step-by-step. You always can ask a question and
will be provided by the detailed instructions.

All work can be done on-line (Internet access is necessary requirement) so
you don't need  to spent a lot of time. It is needed just 3-4 hours a week
and it is enough, so it is possible to combine
it with your direct work.

Please, take most seriously to this project and inform me about what do you
think  about this offer as soon as you can and feel free for asking you
questions. I'm always glad to provide you with detailed information. If you
wish to join us please let me know and I will send you the Contractor

vii) The follow-up response to a request for the contract:
Dear xxxxxx,

My name is Annika, your e-mail was forwarded to me by Linda. This is about
your interst in the position of Assistant Director. I will answer your
questions and provide with explanations during our work.

Let me explain it in details.

European company can't accept payments on-line from US customers because it
has a merchant account in European bank.
That's why they need to have an Affiliate in US.
The funds comes through the merchant account to the business account of
Then Assistant Director transfer this funds to a merchant account of
For this work an Affiliate paid 5% of profit.

You will need to register a business and open a business checking account.
The purpose of business is on-line trading. If you have not enough
funds for registration I can register the business for you using
on-line incorporating agency and all documents will be send to your
shipping address.
After this preparations are done, I will forward all information to Red
Your personal manager will contact you and give the instructions
about how to operate with accounts.

Red-Line studio will create the Web-store for your business,
and provide it with products, promotion, customer support, etc.
As I know, the direction of Red Line studio wants to sell
the PC screensavers from it's own design because it is popular
and inexpensive downloadable goods which can be sell on-line with high

When the site is on the Web you should to open a merchant account.
Your manager provide you with necessary information for applying for it
(the service provider and reseller name).

You will watch wire transfers to/from business account and
incoming credit cards payments to merchant account
and control transfers between business and merchant account.

The estimated sum of customer's purchases is about $30.000-40.000 at month.
And you will get %5 from this profit, so your income will about $2.000 at
Then the part of this sum will be directed to further promoting
and improvement of the business.
Your income will be credited right on the business account
and you will withdraw your commission.

Please inform me about your decision and if you are interesting
I will send you the Contractor Agreement.
Feel free for asking.

The whole purpose of the above operation is to persuade unwary potential victims to enrol in money laundering fraud derived from phishing operations carried out against the real victim's credit cards. It's an identical scam to the crook's previous aliases as listed above.

How the scam works: Small, easily overlooked amounts are stolen by the criminals from victims credit cards by making unauthorised charges for non-existent products supposedly provided by the fake "subsidiary company" that has been set up in the mule's name and the charges are paid into the mules associated merchant account. The mule then refunds 90% of all amounts that are paid into his merchant account back to the criminals via Moneygram or Western Union, keeping 10% for himself. This is a classic money laundering operation and the stolen money will be traceable directly to the mug who has been suckered into setting up the fake company and merchant account in his/her name. The first thing they will know about it is when the police come knocking at their door and their nightmare will begin - they will lose a lot of money and end up facing criminal charges - don't say you haven't been warned.
viii) Fake location details from the website: (Remember that they are not a registered company in Sweden, so they are not going to be genuine)

Contact 1st Class Recruitment
We welcome your feedback and questions regarding our company, services and web site.

• Email: jobs@1stclassrecruitment.org

• Phone / Fax: +46-08-369 80 781

• Address: Gjörwellsgatan 28, 112 60 Stockholm, Sweden

• - A Google search for the address "Gjörwellsgatan 28, 112 60 Stockholm" returns no hits for these criminals
• - A Google Maps business search for the address
"Gjörwellsgatan 28, 112 60 Stockholm" returns no hits - they are not a listed business at that address.
• - A Google search for the telephone number "+46-08-369 80 781" returns no hits for these criminals, but does show fraud site listings.

There may be associated mule websites involved in this fraud and also possibly other main website domains. If you know of any other domains or any 'subsidiary company' websites, please let me know about them.

The above evidence clearly demonstrates that the 1st Class Recruitment website is a criminal website set up with intent to deceive and defraud. If you are an abuse team that has received an abuse report regarding these fraudsters, please consider immediate termination of their services in view of the absolutely undeniable evidence of criminal fraud - please don't delay - these criminals will not respond to any communication from you, (all their whois data is false), but will simply take advantage of any attempt at communication as a delaying tactic to allow them time to carry on their criminal activity and prepare their next network.

1st Class Recruitment Ltd Fraudsters - hosting details.
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Melbourne IT, Ltd. dba Internet Names Worldwide (26-Aug-2009)


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Searching for 1stclassrecruitment.org A record at ns16.worldnic.com. []: Reports 1stclassrecruitment.org.

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The host for this domain  is Network Solutions, LLC on IP address
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